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Andi Hektor form Eesti Teaduskoda writes in today's Postimees (26.04.2021): “Last week there was an event that did not receive much coverage, but the impact of which will be long-lasting and significant in our small country. Associations representing Estonian teachers, academics, pupils and students signed an education agreement. Considering myself to be quite a socially sensitive person who has lead all kinds of pressure and influence groups, I think that what is more important than the content of the agreement is that all the employees and students working in the field of education have finally come together. To my knowledge, such extensive cooperation and agreement in the field of education has come to life for the first time."

The press release in Õpetajate Leht. The full text of the Education Agreement is found here.

Read also a story by students: "Commodifying of higher education should not be lead by universities".

The webpage of Tallinn University (26.04.2021) covers the news and also mediates the words of Daniele Monticelli, Professor of Italian Studies and Semiotics at the Institute of Humanities of Tallinn University and a member of the university's trade union and Eesti Teaduskoda.

Joonatan Nõgisto (EÜL) writes (23.04.2021) in an article "Closing the future of higher education: What happens when higher education no longer justifies the risk of acquiring it, even though the economic system increasingly requires a higher education degree" about the dangers of commercializing higher education, based on the example of the United States:

How to ensure accessible higher education when most people can't afford it...

The real wage of the average employee has stagnated since the 1970s, despite productivity growth. Source: Economic Policy Institute