The Tartu University Faculty Association offers its members (and other employees of the University of Tartu) additional training courses, both independently and in collaboration with the Estonian Trade Union Confederation. Members are welcome to suggest relevant topics for the training courses.

As an example, the Estonian Trade Union Confederation and the Tartu University Faculty Association jointly contribute to the recruitment of representatives. The training courses for representatives take place annually and are open to all members of the Tartu University Faculty Association. Further information about being a representative is available here.

In accordance with § 20 (3) of the Trade Unions Act, the employer must allow a member of a Trade Union at least five days free from work in order for him or her to participate in training organised by the Trade Union or in the work of Trade Union bodies on the basis of written invitations submitted by the Trade Union, provided it does not bring about significant impediments to the economic activities of the employer. On the days free from work granted pursuant to this clause, the employee shall continue to receive his or her average wages for two days a year.