For the organisations representing the staff of the universities in Estonia, it is important the newly elected rector emphasises the need to integrate the university staff in decision making. Workers organisation see the need to counteract to the tendencies to govern universities as corporate business. Read More

The Work Procedure of the University of Tartu is under changing. TÜAÜ have delivered our proposals concerning the changes to the university administration. Read More

The initiative hope to help in the unfolding crisis – in health, climate, the economy, and political life – that we are facing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, in 2020, scientists have an ever greater responsibility to help set our societies on the path toward an economic future that is both sustainable and democratic. Read More

Assembly of Academic Unions, Estonian Young Academy of Sciences (ENTA), Federation of Estonian Student Unions (EÜL) and Eesti Teaduskoda sent today (15.05.2020) a public letter to the Parlament and Government of the Republic of Estonia, calling for integration of measures to enhance innovation, labour rights and environmental goals as the integral part any measure desined to revitalise the economy in crises. Read More

ETV Akutaaalne Kaamera (at 21.00) on May 3 discussed preparedness of private persons for an economic crises. Compared to 2009 pre-crises time, bank savings have grown but 70% of all private savings belongs to onlt 10% of households (minuts 22.46-23.11; data form the Bank of Estonia). Read More