Meeli Miidla-Vanatalu, Deputy Director General of the Labor Inspectorate, explains the background of the problem - how to recognize work bullying and how to prove work bullying has occurred - and gives examples. What evidence is needed to prove bullying and in which cases is it not possible in principle? Read More

Kui soovime Eestile kasulikumat ja õiglasemat teaduspoliitikat, siis tuleb grandiskeem reformida nii, et see oleks ainult grandi täiendavate kulude keskne, mitte teadlaste palkade põhirahastus. Ajutise raha lõppemine ei paneks siis enam ohtu kogu (all)asutuse eksistentsi. Eriti kui ühendada põhitöökohtade rahastus ülikoolide ja asutuste õpetamise, rakendusuuringute jm ressurssidega.… Read More

As rector Tomas Asser said, there is a need to improve the competitiveness of the salary of lecturers. "At the same time, we continue to be underfunded to sustain a quality higher education in Estonia and thus continue the dialogue with the new government to improve the situation." Read More

The unions of The University of Tartu, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tallinn University and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences expressed their support to the Ministry of Education and Research and its Deputy Secretary General Indrek Reimand for unconditional support for free higher education in times when first steps toward the reestablishing the tuition fees have been made by the universities. Read More