The Union of the University of Tartu signed an agreement with Pärnu Raeküla School also for this summer to organise a holiday home for the union members andfriends. The holiday period at Pärnu Raeküla school is between 5 and 30 July 2021.

The 5-day periods available for the stay:

  • I 05.07.-10.07.
  • II 10.07.-15.07.
  • III 15.07.-20.07.
  • IV 20.07. – 25.07.
  • V 25.07.- 30.07.

Costs per booking:

  • The fee for the vacation is the same as last year - for a UT Trade Union member and his / her family member 7 € per day, for a 5-day shift the fee is 35 €.
  • The fee for non-member vacationers is 14 € per day, the fee for a 5-day shift is 70 €.

There are still available free time sloths for booking. If you would like to spend your vacation in Pärnu please fill in the form Pärnu puhkekodu puhkaja sooviavaldus 2021  and send it filled to

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