Eleri Pilliroog, the chair person of the Federation of Estonian Student wrote recently in Eesti Päevaleht why the reintroduction of the tuition fees would not be simply uncomfortable to so many students but really unaffordable. The article is a reaction to the idea of reintroducing the tuition fees in the universities in Estonia in response to the lack of public funding to the higher education (read such opinions by Tiit Landi, Jaak Aavisoo and the journalists of Ekspress Meedia arvamusi).

The akademic unions, student unions and Eesti Teaduskoda share the stand that the public funding of the higher education corresponding to 1.5% of the GDP solves the problem of adequate funding and enables Estonia to follow the Scandinavian model of free higher education. That mutually shared stand was presented to the public in a public initiative (rahvaalgatus 01.03.2020), which in only 2 days collected a 1000 signatures which are needed to the iniciative to be sent to the Parliament to be discussed.

Read what is written in the rahvaalgatus about the students' economic situation.

See also a post on our webpage from 2019 about the living standard of the students.

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