Õhtuleht (Nov 4, 2020) writes that the highly equal results in the presidential elections show how the US society is deeply split, and asks the reader to think what are the sources of such a conflict. The parallel is drawn to Estonia where the left-out have also recently revolted.

The situation around the US elections and its background (shared between the US and Estonia as pointed out by Õhtuleht) explained in The Guardian. The Third Way advanced by the social democrats (the Democratic Party) has led to the parties alienation form its traditional working-class voters and allowed "Republicans became ever bolder in their preposterous claim to be a “workers’ party” representing the aspirations of ordinary people" and making possible to present Trump as a “blue-collar billionaire”. To read more thoroughly about the Third Way, be referred to Jacobin* magazine.

That the above described also applies to the Social Democratic Party in Estonia, one can see in two articles in ERR: mainly, in Tõnis Saarts: sotsiaaldemokraatia lõppmäng? and also in SDE's answer to the previously mentioned article.


*Jacobin is an American socialist quarterly magazine based in New York (Wikipedia)