Indrek Reimand (Foto: Argo Ingver / Eesti Päevaleht)

In relation to the February 2021 edition of the UT magazine Universitas Tartuensis which contained an article Tuition fees in higher education seem inevitablebased on the discussion at Universitas Tartuensise taskuhääling (podcast), The unions of The University of Tartu, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tallinn University and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences decided to express their support to the Ministry of Education and Research and its Deputy Secretary General Indrek Reimand for unconditional support for free higher education in times when first steps toward the reestablishing the tuition fees have been made. The unions sent a letter of support to the ministry and Indrek Reimand on 18 February, 2021 in hope that it may help against the Ministry's support for the free education remaining only in words.   


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