The Academic Secretary of the University of Tartu met with the Representation of the University of Tartu to discuss common topics on September 2, 2021.

The Academic Secretary is a member of the Rectorate and is responsible for organizing the work of the Senate, recruiting and evaluating academic staff, managing publishing activities, and other tasks assigned to her by university legislation. As a member of the management, he can also contribute with his ideas and vision to the preparation and implementation of issues with a longer vision, such as the renewal of academic career model and leadership model of the university (have a closer look on the UT website ).

The Academic Secretary of the University of Tartu is also the final arbiter of complaints related to unequal treatment or bullying, to whom employees and students can turn, skipping other stages. The Academic Secretary has the right to investigate the complaint independently or to form an impartial commission consisting of at least three members. Read more about the complaints procedure at UT on the UT website .

At the meeting, topics were discussed such as job and wage stability and public funding for higher education; the protection of the employee as the weaker party in an employment dispute; and challenges in teaching posed by Covid. Attaining an increase in the public funding of higher education (equal to 1.5% of GDP) is a priority for TÜAÜ, the university and the academic secretary.

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