Foto: “Nii tööatajad kui ka üliõpilased vajavad, et nende panus oleks tähenduslik ning et nad tunneksid end olulisena.” –

An organisation can reduce the risks to mental health or amplify them. The University of Tartu has created risk reduction mechanisms but there exist also risks amplifying aspects, can be written in the magazine of the university - Universitas Tartuensis.

Among the others, Ms. Ruth Tammeorg, the chair of the labour union in the university points out the mental health risks associated to the lack of funding in science and higher education and how that connection should be considered both in the state level but also in the university. Here, please be referred to the articles on our homepage:

1) PM Jüri Ratas: 1% from the public budget to the science is a historic step

2) The University of Tartu Faculty Union sent its positions about the Development Plan of University of Tartu 2025

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