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The proposed possibility of promotion would give employees more confidence and reduce the problems associated with compulsory public international contest for both the employee and the university. However, TÜAÜ also asks critical questions about the proposed changes:

1) TÜAÜ cannot agree with the demand that the salary increase associated with a higher position has to be covered by the employee him/herself by introducing extra funding.

2) TÜAÜ finds the University cannot impose requirements on employees that are not covered by funding. For example, professors are required to give lectures at least 25% of their working time, to participate in university management at least 10% of their time, and to dedicate to activities dressing the society at least 5% of their working time. But no funds are allocated to do so.

Hereby, have a look at akadeemilise töötaja põhipalga kontseptisooni kohta.

3) TÜAÜ also asks what is the basis for considerably different requirements for professors and co-professors in each different field.

4) TÜAÜ draws attention to the danger potentially contained in the replacement of the wording "duties of the employee" with the wording "requirements for the position".

All feedback from TÜAÜ on the promotion requirements is available to TÜAÜ members in the mailing list, non-members can request access by contacting TÜAÜ at

The feedback from the TÜAÜ has been compiled based on the feedback of many UT employees. TÜAÜ thanks the members for their feedback.


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