(Taxed) health advancement costs (massage, training and other activities appointed by the work health doctor) in 2019 in Eur by each UT structure

In the spring of 2022, the university will have to pass institutional accreditation or external evaluation again. The assessment is based on the university's self-assessment report and the information gathered during the assessment visit. Feedback on the draft self-assessment report was collected until October 29. All employees were able to get acquainted with the plan and assess whether the writing corresponds to their understanding of the functioning of the university.

The Union of the University of Tartu brought in its feedback up the following concerns:

1. The report in no way reveals the real precarious situation in which many academics have to constantly apply for projects in order to be paid at all.

2. The use of health promotion costs varies greatly among the structural units and many employees do not have access to compensation for health promotion (incl. training), see the attached figure from 2019 (data by structural units).

3. In 2016-2020, 21 complaints were submitted to the Academic Secretary (the final body that deals with issues related to academic employment and the principles of equal treatment in the university), half of them (11) in 2020. TÜAÜ recommends providing also the statistics on how the complaints were resolved.

If the University requires teaching and other activities from the academic staff in addition to project-based research, the staff have to be paid a base salary covered by the base funding the university receives from the state.

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